Food Shapers Workshop Series: Future of Protein

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Júlia Dalmadi, Future Food Institute Botschafterin, wird in den kommenden Wochen vier Workshops in der Markthalle Neun veranstalten. Vier Wochen lang gibt es jeweils Samstagmorgen die Möglichkeit, ein Forschungsthema anhand von Fallstudien der Food Innovation Program Global Mission in multidisziplinären Gruppen zu diskutieren. Ziel ist es, ein Gespräch über die Zukunft des Essens zu führen, einen gemeinsamen Raum für Brainstorming und Ideenfindung zu schaffen und Maßnahmen für eine positive nachhaltige Wirkung zu initiieren. Die Workshops finden auf Englisch statt – are you in?

Der Workshop findet im Markthallen Restaurant, Pücklerstraße 34, statt.

Future of Protein

Global meat consumption and production have risen fast over the last decades and it is projected to more than double in the next 30 years harming the environment, human health, and animals.
Sustainable intensification, which aims to increase production without negative trade-off for the environment and biodiversity applying more efficient farming practices especially in developing countries, together with redistribution and shifts in dietary patterns will significantly contribute to such GHG reduction.
Protein source diversification is one of the key ideas that have the potential to challenge the future of food systems.
Consumers’ awareness of the general impact of meat consumption is considerably low and they need to be educated about new ways to consume proteins. There are several barriers to behavioral change in food choices including those related to cultural motivation, different habits, taste preferences, and convenience.
The global market for alternative proteins is expected to increase as new sources are in the early stages of a trend that is taking off. Identifying the signals and driving actors that will contribute to the rethinking of the protein system will be a future challenge.

The workshop has limited seats for 20 participants. Here you can get your ticket.
Single ticket €25 (1 workshop + 1 book download for free)
Global Mission ticket €69 (all 4 workshops + entire book series download for free)